Work with me

I am always looking for like minded people with good energy who is not afraid to set high goals and have a lot of fun. Are you sales oriented, service minded and want to make an extra income or set up your own business next to what you are doing today?
Then maybe we will be a perfect match.

An agent is marketing investments, properties and will be advertising North Cyprus back in their country. We are serving the agents with all the marketing materials and support to help them to reach their goals. There are different ways to work and we will find what suits you the best, I will personally be assisting and help with strategies, set goals and we will be working together online and offline.

We have a very good community of people, who are having a lot of fun, making good business and enjoying the lifestyle. If you like to travel, you will have a good reason to travel more and see a lot of sun and meet with a lot of people.

You don't have to know the real estate market but you need a good team spirit and want to take action. If you think this can be something for you then please feel free to contact me trough social media or whats app.